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We provide:

  • acquisition, evaluation and qualification of suppliers on the domestic and global market
  • planning and purchase of production materials with an appropriate quality level and competitive price
  • planning the assembly process, elaborate technology and preparing a dedicated assembly line
  • providing production tools and software
  • manual assembly of components purchased or entrusted
  • development of quality procedures – based on the provided product documentation, we can plan a series of tests, what is more, we can design and make dedicated testers
  • logistic service – collection of materials and delivery of finished products to a specific place
  • access to the Asian and European suppliers and material market through cooperation within the ACM industrial group


In the field of commercial services, we offer you:

  • support of the project's supervisor, who will be responsible for the entire implementation of the order
  • short deadlines of the order
  • attractive prices
  • execution of orders for both large and small production batches


Among projects completed so far are:

synchronous clock movements

DCF  clock movements

mechanical & electronic  time switches

wireless devicess

audio amplifiers

power sources incl. lithium batteries  LiFePO4

electronic appliances for home use

electromechanical equipment for medical applications

workplace equipment – soldering equipment

various cable bundles. Currently manufactured product range includes more than 500 types of bundles




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+48 (0) 94 312 68 01